File Manager Folder Upload

This feature would be for anyone uploading files into File Manager. Instead of having only the ability to create folders and then uploading file by file, I need the ability to upload an entire folder with all of its contents and subfolders within. This would save a lot of time when I am uploading folders that need to be hosted on HubSpot for my website.


I am using a software called WebRotate360, it creates wonderful 360 interactive images and I upload it to a custom HTML elment via iframe. To make the iframe work correctly, I need to upload the fodlers and subfolders to the file manager, and having to do that one by one on a folder level takes for forever. If I could just select the parent folder and have it upload all internal contents with maybe a warning message "are you sure you want to upload all contents" as a safety measure, this would save me a ton of time.

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This would be very useful - we would be able to load a whole folder of images for a home at the same time (we're a homebuilder) - furthermore, it would be awesome if you could then pick a whole folder to add to a slider instead of one image at a time. Smiley Wink

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Yes please! I just organized all my images outside of hubspot and now to upload them back in is going to be a little bit of a pain since I divided everything up really nice into their own folders