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Similar to what is done when connecting Hubspot to an external CRM, I think it would be an excellent feature to have to choose a priority on a file import of contacts into Hubspot when you get to the mapping stage of the import process. For instance, if I upload a list of contacts, some of which may exist, I would want to choose from a set of options like: Do Not Overwrite, Overwrite If Blank, Overwrite Existing Values.  This allow us to use file uploads without having to worry that good data could potentially be overwritten.

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Additional to the great import idea of Ben_M:
An option to 'Append' imported values for Multiline properties

The options should be changeable for every property/column in the import


A year on and shame to still not have a solution for this. I wonder how everyone is managing this when dealing with contact/lead lists from events, external media partners, etc. Exporting full DB every time to do a check as suggested in some posts is not a scalable nor GDPR-friendly solution. 


This would be so helpful!

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The native HubSpot import wizard has come forward leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, but important features like this are still needed to consider it an equal competitor with the other Enterprise level CRMs available today - especially when attempting data migrations and projects of that sort. Definitely gets my vote and hope it will be addressed soon.


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For all the reasons stated above.




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This is critical! Not all information flows in through forms so we really need the ability to only overwrite if blank, not if data exists in a field already 

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Definitely needed!