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Field Dependencies for Contact Properties

I would like to set up field dependencies for Contact Properties, to ensure that my Sales/Marketing team are updating contact details correctly.


For example, I would only want certain fields to be editable against a contact record if another field against the contact had a certain value.




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I have multiple clients that could use this functionality right now!


Completely agree with this! When there is a long list of fields within a property, it becomes overwhelming for the team especially if thet don't NEED to see all of them.


My team wants to use this feature for  tickets. We use tickets for our support function, and we were hoping to use field dependencies to help the team quickly navigate to the right field for that ticket property in the heat of the moment. For example one of our ticket properties is called "support category" and we would like our team to click on which category they think the ticket issue is in like "payments" then if they clicked payments, a list of dependent fields show up like "reports & payouts" so they can narrow down easily. 

We also see use for this at a deal level with the deal stage required properties (those properties that pop up when you drag a deal from one stage to another) At the moment it seems that it isn't possible to have different properties show on that pop up for different teams or users in Hubspot. We think it would be SUPER helpful to have dependent properties showing on this pop up, so people only see what they NEED to see. 

This feature actually has sooo many amazing use cases, I could go on and on! But these are our top 2 use cases that we would be SO EXCITED to implement.


I think it will be really great and exciting if we can have Dependent Fields under Ticket Properties as well. I think this is really important if we have a lot of of categories/issue categories that we need the agent to quickly navigate to. 


Looking forward for this implementation!


We'd like to see this implemented too. One of our use cases is for our sales team to tag companies with vendor categories and sub categories. i.e. if a certain vendor category is chosen, display a certain set of sub-categories.


@SteveJenns  I just have the same use case! It would be great to have dependencies properties to ensure data completion.

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Hello Product Team,


As a Hubspot Partner, I am working with a client who considers this to be mission critical.


The have four business units (and growing), and see the need to reduce the number of properties displayed to Sales People when creating contacts/enterting deal values. 


My client is also aware that this can be done in Gravity Forms, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and even quite simply in Excel – therefore making this a painful request to say "no" to. 

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Hey @Shay@Dylan, and @jeffvincent ,


This feature is mission-critical for many customers, especially those migrating from Salesforce. Do you have any updates for us? Thanks!


This idea is basically "Data Validation" workflow.


1. Test for criteria

2. If criteria not met then there are 2 options for the action:

     a) Warn and continue message pops up.

     b) Error message preventing the save function

The user should be able to write the text for their own error messages.


Would love to see this implemented for Company and Deal properties as well! If we could backfill this data seamlessly too, even better. We'll be collecting the below data either way, just in a roundabout manner until something like this is created. Would save us a world of effort if this was available now.


Our use case:

We want two fields for Closed Lost Reason on the Deal level:

1. A general Closed Lost Reason (i.e. Pricing, Missing Features, Unqualified, etc.)

2. A specific Closed Lost Reason with variable field options based on the above selection (i.e. Pricing - Too High; Missing Features - Analytics, Social Integration, etc; Unqualified - No Budget, No Authority, etc.)


So the input options in #2 would vary based on what is selected for #1. The way we'll get around this in the meantime is created individual Specific properties for each general Closed Lost Reason. It'll work, but not ideal.

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100% necessary

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It would be very efficient if HubSpot could apply the same logic seen in the dependent fields used in forms to record cards. When selecting the view for a record card, it would be great if we could use logic such as 'display lifecycle stage if marketing contact status is marketing contact', etc.


+1000 .


This function is very much  needed for our org of 30+ AE's and 30+ SDR's

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I've added an Idea for this too:


In Salesforce CRM you're able to define 'controlling' and 'dependent' fields in order to manage the selection of values between two fields that are related to one another i.e. Region and Country. If I select the region 'EMEA', then I need the 'Country' field to only display values relevant to EMEA (France, Germany etc) not countries in APAC for example. 


This capablility to link field behaviour to one another is usually used with Check boxes, Single select drop downs and Multi-select drop downs. 


This features ensures users only select relevant values in fields/properties and therefore aids data cleanliness and reporting. Please can we have this in HubSpot too. 


We also need this functionality. Specifically, we have created a Company property called Sales Stage as a dropdown select. If t the Sales Stage is Inactive or Lost Customer, we need a dependant field to appear with the reason why the customer left or is no longer active.


100% this is needed - we're in the process and migrating to HubSpot is this appears to be a big limitation!


Great idea. Lets also add field validation = make it possible to setup "rules" on each property so that input will be denied if the rules are not met.

Example: the team tries to insert a "150" in a number-field, but the number-field "rules" are set to minimum 4 digits. So the team member would get a feedback that the input didn't meet the requirements and could therefor notice the error he or she did. The rules would be set on the field property setting, and make it possible to achive a much higher level of quality-control of all the data inputs. If the validation rules are tricky to do, you could at least add the possibility to show a warning-message on input-error, so crm users have a chance to notice their input-mistakes.



We still are needing this function, so that we can ensure that our team is following our processes in the correct order. 

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This is very much needed

is this project nearing completion?
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Any news from hubspot on this subject ? It should be a great feature !