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Field Dependencies for Contact Properties

I would like to set up field dependencies for Contact Properties, to ensure that my Sales/Marketing team are updating contact details correctly.


For example, I would only want certain fields to be editable against a contact record if another field against the contact had a certain value.




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Really need this!

Use case: SDR picks a lead status "Nurture", then I need them to pick a Nurture reason "Not ready to buy in 6 months", or "Missing product feature X".

Otherwise, I have no idea what nurture program the leads should go into, and "nurture" becomes a dumping ground of bad leads that the SDR's don't want to deal with. 



Yes ! This definitely a game changer if is done ! 


We really need this idea in HubSpot. HubSpot Dev Team, please reconsider this and update the thread. Thank you!



I am wanting to do something similar like this, If anyone could help to develop this that would be great.


Thank you




Not having this is a huge miss that causes significant operational inefficiency and a lack of data cleanliness.  Every CRM I've used has had the ability to make related fields dependent.  Please prioritize this!

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Hi folks,

I’m Shay Jones, the Product Manager on the CRM product team.


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you loud and clear, and we agree that this functionality is important. We are currently evaluating if this Idea is feasible and, if so, how our team will implement it. 


Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!


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I have used two products Salesforce and Filemaker Pro where this type of functionality is available.  For use in Hubspot, we are moving a client from SF to HS and they have several fields that depend on other fields to determine the options.  To work around this in HS we are flattening them into a single list and using triggers to update the individual fields.  This solution does not change the field values just makes it easier to display them as two fields.  This would be a great feature!!  Thank you.


I'd just like to chime in here with our use case for this, as we are a SaaS company selling subscriptions to our service. We have "Close Date" and "Expected Bill Date"  fields in HubSpot for our Deals. In some cases, the Expected Bill Date can be different from the Close Date, especially if the deal closes ahead of the subscription start date, and therefore the customer will not be billed/invoiced until closer to the start date of their subscription. To help with errors in our forecasting, we would like to be able to make the Expected Bill Date field be dependent upon the "Close Date". If at ant time a rep updates the Close Date field, they should be asked (by HubSpot) to update the "Expected Bill Date" field, and we should be able to specify (internally within HubSpot) that the date must be equal to or after the Close Date. We currently make these fields (Close Date and Expected Bill Date) required when creating a deal, but if the Close Date is ever updated along the way, it's easy for reps to forget to update Expected Bill Date. 


Much needed. Basically it is very important and should be added very earlier. 


Upvote! We would like to have the option to make field mandatory, if another specific field was filled in. Creating tasks via workflow is not an option, takes too much time. 

Use case:
The agent sets a lead-status to "not qualified". Of course, we want to know the reason why. So he/she has to fill in this field as well.

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This is an absolute requirement across a few of our clients. 
Standard function in many other CRMs


This is an absolute requirement when building out solutions. Without it we have to do an incredible amount of API work on the other side where we have integrations. This is expensive and time consuming, both developmentally and from an operations perspective.



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Should be a great feature ! Maybe their is some update to give us ?


Just tuning in to this idea and its progress.

We are currently doing a revamp of our data and structure. 
For starters, I am looking into updating our Region property and making it the master property. Obviously if this idea gets implemented, I'll have APAC, EMEA, US, LATAM etc on the dependent property. I will further drill it down to countries per region and so on and so forth (as applicable). 


Hope this is a good use case for Hubspot team to speed things up. 



It would be really great to have this feature for both deal and contact properties as it will solve a lot of issue wrt data hygiene.


This would be incredibly useful for me. Especially if you could get these relevant properties to pop up on your screen much like what occurs when you move a deal to closed won in a pipeline, a box pops up prompting you to enter the won reason.




Also need same functionality for Deal Properties, thanks.


Would this give the ability to make madatory adding of a customer to a ticket? Right now, a ticket can be created without adding a customer which is very troublesome. 


Not having this is causing me some serious data headaches. PLEASE