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Field Dependencies for Contact Properties

I would like to set up field dependencies for Contact Properties, to ensure that my Sales/Marketing team are updating contact details correctly.


For example, I would only want certain fields to be editable against a contact record if another field against the contact had a certain value.




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Dear Hubspot Team, we also need this function. 
One use case: 
When i set the property Lead Status to "unqualified", I want to know, why the lead is unqualified. Sales should only fill out the reason in another property when the Lead Status is set on "unqualifed" 


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Up voting please. Use case 5: A client wants to add a field to companies to set the risk of non-renewal. They want a dependent field only if the risk is high. They use Marketing Pro and Sales Pro. 


I agree with this idea.

We have an extremely negative impact on our process, which could be avoided if we had this in HubSpot

We currently have to fill in several additional fields because we don't have this functionality.
As the calculations depend on filling all the properties to be executed, we always have to fill all the properties.

In my company, we are experiencing a huge loss of productivity.


We could really use this for our sales/marketing pipelines. If we have a data field completed by a customer, it would be helpful if we were able to then have other fields updated based on that one. For example, when someone completes a form with the field 'country', it seems redundant to ask them 'region' too. As a global financial company, we actually need both fields. Without this feature, we have to ask them both, when we would prefer to map countries they provide, to specific regions that autofill.


It's a basic feature in every CRM ! Please consider it in the futur 


Just tossing my use case into the ring...

Conditional fields are a must (in my book) to creating a streamlined CRM that doesn't make end-users feel overwhelmed with the amount of properties on an object.

For example: 

Company has X vendor that happens to be a partner solution. Due to the partnership, end-user needs to input if X vendor solution was a result of the partnership or a direct relationship that was established separately. If company has 4 partner solutions, it equates to 4 corresponding properties. 


When the properties have no value, the subsequent property regarding the "source" of the client's vendor solutions is not needed. The ability to make sections conditional based on lifecycle stage is a great start and demonstrates that conditional properties are possible...would love to gain insight as to why this wasn't made available for custom properties or at the very least, more than 8 properties.


Yes, was surprised this wasn't available. 

We want to create an unqualified reason field that is a dependency on lead status. Without the ability to create dependent fields, it makes it tricky for us to enforce data standards across the org.


We would like to have dependent fields required as well. We are using forms for customer set up, and if they are a new customer, we would like specific documents to be required. It would be very helpful and more efficient - so we don't have to go back to the sales person entering the data if they miss it. 


Currently, we are trying to implement the HubSpot CRM to a global team, but restrict a lot of function of ownership changing as well as subscription updates for admins only; this is a perfect use case where a dependent property would be SUPER helpful, as data validation is required for some sibling properties in the ERP/former CRM system. 

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As a HubSpot Partner, we need this for almost all of our clients. We especially need it for those whom we're migrating from Salesforce to HubSpot. If they have these rules set up in Salesforce--that their sales team has already been trained on--imagine trying to position HubSpot as a better fit than Salesforce while losing this functionality.


Please increase the priority of this feature!


This would be absolutely invaluable to us in avoiding errors and ensuring we gather the right information. I'm surprised this isn't in planning.


I would love to have this feature! I'd rather have it as a field dependency for Deal Properties, but the field dependency would be great either way.


We want to be able to allow our sales and marketing team to choose "other" within multiple properties, for example, "deal lost reason." Then, once they select "other" I'd like to be able to require them to enter the other reason in a separate field. As you can see, I can't simply make the "other reason" field mandatory. But, with my current setup, few users actually go back and enter the reason.


Been tracking with this and see it's been going without a solution since Apr 15, 2017

I would love to see a dynamic dropdown list that only displays the desired options based on the previous fields selection.

Creating separate properties to do this is really complex and unhelpful when it comes time to filter based on particular selections if they are in different properties.

I give my vote to logic supported drop-down lists


PLEASE add this feature. It would really help us cut down on bad data coming in.


For example, we request customer vehicle information. In order to get this we need: Year, Make, Model, Engine. 


We currently only have "Make" as a dropdown list while "Model" and "Engine" are open fields. The problem is we get vehicles input all kinds of incorrect ways. For example: F-250, F250, F 250, 250, etc...


If I make the Model field a dropdown, it would contain over 100 options, where I should only be displaying maybe 5. This makes it confusing to the user, not to mention it opens it up for all kinds of wrong entries. Having this data clean is very important to us, otherwise it is useless.


This is essential for our support team to function efficiently. We previously used Desk and Salesforce in which both offered this functionality. As our company continues to scale and grow, this is becoming more of a need. Our drop-down list for custom properties now have more than 100 options to choose from. This is incredibly inefficient and is asking for tickets to be categorized inappropriately and thus effects the accuracy of our reporting.


Our enterprise is really really keened on this idea and hopes Hubspot to implement it asap.


If a Primary Industry Type is selected, then only the relevant options for the Industry Sub-Category will be provided for selection.


I hope that it will be plan to upgrade because I also need to create a dependent property field (exactly a subitem of a company field):

1. NO

  • 1.A not interested
  • 1.B not important

2. YES

  • 2.A email
  • 2.B whatsapp
  • 2.C other

This is really a must have in any CRM.


Bruuuuutal oversight on this. We can control for required properties as they move through the Deal funnel, but nowhere else.