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Field Dependencies for Contact Properties

I would like to set up field dependencies for Contact Properties, to ensure that my Sales/Marketing team are updating contact details correctly.


For example, I would only want certain fields to be editable against a contact record if another field against the contact had a certain value.




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great idea

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Following. Hoping this feature is rolled out soon.


would like this too please.


Absoultly Im just setting up and devestated this is not a feature!!!


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It'd be great to have this feature so that users can manage their properties in a much more efficient manner


We have created some company properties to be filled out by our SDRs when they are talking to target companies. We want to gather this information to do some targetted marketing at the end. Now I was wondering if we could make some fields mandatory before a deal could be created. So to create a dependency that certain COMPANY properties need to be filled out before it's possible to create a DEAL for that company.


This is a fundamental requirement and I'm surprised that it's not supported already.  Please add my name to the list of those that would like to see this for companies, contacts and deals.


I strongly agree about the need for:

1.  making fields mandatory after initial creation

2.  conditional logic to make other fields mandatory

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It would be great if we could create conditional or dependent property values.


For example, I have two properties, let's call them Property A and Property B.


Property A is a drop-down with let's say 10 values.

eg. Tradeshow, Conference, etc...


Property B is a drop-down with 30 values, 10 of each are directly related to the 10 values of Property A.

Tradeshow A, Tradeshow B, Tradeshow C,  Conference A, Conference B, Conference C, etc...


Now if I select value 1 in Property A, Property B's available options drop down to the 10 that are related to Property A.


eg. Property A = Tradeshow, Property B = Lists only "Tradeshow A, Tradeshow B, Tradeshow C" as available to select.


I realize this would require a massively custom solution, and the things we as partners could provide our customers would become endless in terms of solutions and ease of use inside of the product.


Currently, our workaround is to add additional values into Property B to identify what group they belong to.

Eg. -- Tradeshow --, Tradeshow A, Tradeshow B, -- Conference --, Conference A, Conference B


Second to the above idea, it would be also helpful if based on the user's selection of value, set that property B is required. In an instance where property A does not need further macro data then we would need B to be required.


Our SDRs qualify leads and then they ask their BDMs to exclude the ones they don't want to be part of an email campaign. So what we need is something like: 

1) Select contact that BDM wants to exclude
2) Click edit and choose property "Excluded by BDM" to select yes

3) Now we want an additional field to appear where they can choose the reason why


Does this make sense?

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Looks like you merged my idea (and its votes) into this idea. But did you notice the idea her is more narrow than mine? It does not include mandatory / not mandatory? 


Appreciate that we do not waste an idea that brought 2+ years of comments and likes. 


Could you please make sure the sense of both ideas are in the merged one?




Would need this feature in one of our Ticket Pipeline.


I would like to enable ticket properties based on the set value in a particular property.





We have a custom lead source dropdown field to capture offline sources at a more granular level. It would be really useful in this case to have conditional logic to serve a dropdown of drill-downs based on the original source e.g. 


Original source = A

Drill-down options = 1,2,3


Original source = B

Drill-down options = 4,5,6


any info regarding this request ? 


I would also find this super helpful!


Another instance where this would be helpful is with Deals.


You can have multiple pipelines, but the properties users must populate when creating a new deal are the same across all pipelines.


Use case - different set of fields required for the following:


  • existing business pipeline (fields displayed regarding renewals / professional services)
  • new business pipeline (fields displayed to capture more detailed requirements).



I was surprised that this fundamental problem has not been resolved since 2017?


We would like to see field dependencies for company properties too.


We also have a need and see field dependencies for companie and contact properties as a useful feature.

We are especially interested in filling fields from other data sources like excel sheets (e.g. setting a price value depending on an age value - and the data exchange should work in both directions.


Part of our current case is, that a person fills a form and enters an age (or birthdate). Depending on an age we want to fill a price field - and the price values are coming from an excel or google sheet (and may change in future).

We currently built workflows as workarounds but its far a away from being a smooth solution especially because we are going to implement a secend variable next to the would be much easier to have an exchange between table values and CRM fields which includes to connect external files to the CRM and workflow builder.


This would a great feature to enable sales. The use case I need it for is when a Lead Status is changed to "Disqualified," require the property "Disqualified Reason" to be filled in by the sales rep. Sales and marketing benefit from knowing WHY a lead was disualified.