Field Dependencies for Contact Properties

I would like to set up field dependencies for Contact Properties, to ensure that my Sales/Marketing team are updating contact details correctly.


For example, I would only want certain fields to be editable against a contact record if another field against the contact had a certain value.




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agree this is needed. 

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Is this likely to happen? It can be done on web forms, why not contact records...?

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Tell everyone! This needs more upvotes. 

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Where are we with field dependencies? Such a fundamental piece of data management. Need it!

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Definitely needed!

F.i. if I select in Contact field "Type" the value "service provider", I want to see in the dependent field "Subtype" the values "legal, accounting, copywriting"
And if I select in Contact field "Type" the value "partner", I want to see in the dependent field "Subtype" the values "industry leader, reseller, governmental"

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We need this as well! It's natural to just want to show the most revelant data and strive for simplicity. Very simple example, I want to show state field and require it only for US and Canada and not show this field at all for other countries. Currently I cannot do that...

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Tout à fait d'accord, j'ai aussi besoin pour mon organisation d'avoir des champs qui ne s'active que si on sélectionne une option. Cela est très important.

BIen cordialement,

Mélina Gallot

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Honestly if I want to put in a region in my city and then the neighbourhood as being a sub-element would be a grand help.Dependencies are greatly needed

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Hey HubSpot Community! Dylan from the HubSpot Product Team here.

I found this post via @ChrisHiggins ' awesome post on an INBOUND wishlist

Transparently, this isn't something you'll be seeing this year at INBOUND. However, I really appreciate all of the input and suggestions on this post thus far. "Dependent properties" as we call them, are firmly on our radar. However, we've identified a few higher-priority improvements to be made to properties before we get around to building dependent properties. 

In the coming weeks, you'll start to see a beta version of properties that will ideally set the stage for us to include "Dependent Properties" in the future. Stay tuned, this is certainly on our minds as well.


- Dylan 

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I agree, I think it is a must-have. Also for Companie Properties. 

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This would indeed be a useful logic to add into the properties. Please advise if there are any updates to this?


Thank you


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yep, really need this!!

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This would be extremely useful.  I'm working with a client who will close different service types and dependant on the type this will inform the product types they deliver - it would be great to be able to put this against the deal.

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We need this very bad on the deal properties.  If status = x, show the following fields 

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We're really looking for this! It would help a lot.


Now you have no possibility to force e.g. sales team to fill out more information when needed. 

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This is a must have!  Making fields required after creation is super important.

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Is there any updates on this idea? This would round out the CRM capabilities immensely. 

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Are there any updates that can be provided? Having field dependencies would greatly increase the functionality of the CRM

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when is this going to be available ? this is a must for a CRM ? won't extend working with hubspot if not done, was assuming this was logically there - basic !

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Would be great in so many cases