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Field Dependencies For All Customize 'Create New Record' Forms (Contacts, Deals, Companies, etc.)

In the "Customize the "Create Contact" form" "Customize the "Create Deal" form and "Customize the "Create Company" form, please enable field dependencies. (In the same way they are available on Web Forms today). There are many scenarios in which this would be useful, but just to name a few:

  • Based on the Country Selected, Show the Relevant Picklist for State/Region
  • If Main Industry Type is X, Sub Industry Type is Y
  • If Lead Source is X, then Lead Source Detail is Y

I know there are multiple threads asking to do this on the Records (within the fields on the left hand rail) after creation, but just want to make sure that the HubSpot Team ensures that this is delivered to the "Customize Create New [Record Type]" experience across Deals, Accounts & Contacts and all Records vs. only after the Deal is created on the Left Hand Rail Record Layout. 

I hope we can upvote this into production along with the actual left hand rail record layout dependencies as well!! @SteveJenns @Shay  @HSymonds @FWBKK @MBaranowska @Monjogard @JMcCullough @KNickolay @KPruett @Andreas @asburynewton @VagaeNatus 

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+1000 this is a MUST!

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We are now integrating HubSpot with our ERP and this idea would be extremely helpful. 

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Suprised this isn't already a feature with the push for Enterprise accounts. Also need conditional fields on editing record.