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We manage multiple companies within Hubspot and just signed up for Service Hub and were excited for the possibility of completely servicing our companies within a unified Hubspot system. However, we noticed big limitations when it comes to servicing multiple brands, companies, and websites through the Customer Feedback tool

Currently, there is no option to customize the sending address or footer information for individual surveys. Customer Feedback Surveys will send from the default email set in Email Configuration Settings. Additionally, the information in the footer defaults to "This is a service from Delivered by Hubspot.", and the address below defaults to Hubspot's. There is also no option to remove the (non-required) link to managing list preferences, which reveals our various companies and their various lists to our customers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 9.14.54 AM.png


These limitations in the Feedback Tool make it unusable for our company. We switched over from ZenDesk, which offers the ability to gain multibrand insights through their customer feedback. I know Service Hub is only a few months into development, but this is an urgent need for us and, I'm sure, many other companies looking to utilize the Service Hub,.


Our idea — enable the Feedback Tool to support mutiple brands, companies, and websites by allowing:

  • The sending address to be customized on a survey-by-survey basis.
  • The to footer to be modified, including the option to:
    • modify or remove the text at the bottom of the survey indiciating the default web address.
    • modify the footer address.
    • remove the "email preferences" link.
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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Thanks for the input here, Stacey! Few updates / answers for you:

  • You can now edit the from name and from address across surveys 
  • We cannot remove the "email preferences" link as this is in compliance with CAN-SPAM law
  • We're currently exploring allowing you to create NPS variations which would enable you to customize the NPS survey for different brands / international markets. I'll keep this thread updated when we're closer to having something here!
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With all my heart I support Stacey's ideas. I could write the same word for word. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we have a lot of brands, we can not use the FeedbacTool. 

And the same - we moved from Zendeska, unfortunately we were left without one of the main CSAT meters at the moment. I did not come up with the idea that the footer might be uneditable. Or I`ll try to go out and build marketing emails with CTA releated to tickets, but it seems stupid if there is a tool for it.