Feedback Surveys should record all responses (not just those of people who wait for redirect)

I've recently become aware of the fact that most survey responses are not properly recorded by Hubspot. If you use an NPS/Feedback survey and send via email, the recepient will receive the one-question survey via email and they can click on their answer (0-10), but it will only record if the person waits several seconds for the website to re-direct (and since they receive this via email, many do not). This means that we're all likely missing responses (you can check under clicks in the email sends to see how many). 


According to support, "The contact does not show on the responses list because they clicked the rating, but did not wait for the redirect to the submission page (the redirect performs the actual submission). This stopped some of the submitted information being sent to HubSpot but there was enough time to register the click." 


This is a very obvious design flaw in how the survey is designed to register, and led to about 40% of my survey responses not being recorded by Hubspot. All clicks on a reponse should be captured by Hubspot. This is terrible, terrible survey design.