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Feature request: Auto update currency conversion rates

Our company's main currency is $AUD but we also do some business in New Zealand. I have added the NZ currency option, but was surprised that it asked me to manually configure the conversion rate.  It would be quite simple to link the conversion rate to automatically update the current exchange rate. 

Are Hubspot able to link the currency to auto-update like Xero does?
Could you add this to your list of requested features for the next update?

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@tcxen - not sure what HubSpot's plans are but our app ( can do what you're looking for if you need a solution in the meantime. 


@JeannieN This feature would be most welcome for my organisation as we operate out of USD for reporting purposes but bill out of different entities in a various currencies. XE.Com is what is used within our finance system and doing fixed manual rates causes reconciliation heartache to say the least, if not considerable currency risk, each quarter.


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Hi all,  Automatic daily currency updates are now automatic and free.

DoCurrencies was added to HubSpot Marketplace yesterday as a free native app.


DoCurrencies is native in that the Super Admin can switch it on/off and press "Update Currencies Now" in HubSpot settings. Set up is automatic.

When ordering, there is a short delay of up to 24 business hours while the Beta Currency API is enabled in your portal. Then you can click to install.

Be sure to enter your portal ID when ordering so that the API can be enabled. Without Portal ID your order will fail validation.


For agencies, there is a reseller option so you can add DoCurrencies free to your customer's portals. Let me know if you want to test that.

Feedback and questions welcome!

best, Pete.