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Feature request: Auto update currency conversion rates

Our company's main currency is $AUD but we also do some business in New Zealand. I have added the NZ currency option, but was surprised that it asked me to manually configure the conversion rate.  It would be quite simple to link the conversion rate to automatically update the current exchange rate. 

Are Hubspot able to link the currency to auto-update like Xero does?
Could you add this to your list of requested features for the next update?

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We have same issue, we do deals in multiple currencies and want to report on USD.  Till the currencies are 'live' we will have to export local currency data from HS into another system to our financial reporting.  This is really frustating...


Multiple currencies were important to us so we asked about the capabilities, but didn't even think that exchange rates would have to be manually updated. Changes in that impact our overall numbers so it's important to keep that accurate, so having that manual element but that is still a small task introduces an opportunity for it to fall through the cracks easily. I tried filling out the form listed above but it said I didn't have permission. Happy to speak with product to explain why this is important to international companies. Thanks!


same issue here, this should be something at least hubspot updates automatically for us..

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@JoeMayall @ybaptiste 

Love this idea. We'd also like to see this implemented somehow.

@JoeMayall The link to the Ultimate Currency Converter App seems not to be working anymore. Can you confirm that the app is no longer available on the marketplace? Does this change the internal roadmap to possibly built this feature?



Hi folks


We've just launched Currency-R8, a currency conversion app for HubSpot on the App Marketplace, that allows you to convert value of a deal to new currency of your choice (over 150 currencies supported) in real-time or via workflow automations.


More info on App Marketplace -

or our website


Free version available so you can trial...





Hi Justin. This app doesn't address my needs, unfortunately. I need the updated currency to be reflected in the pipeline view of potential projects so I think I would still have to manually update each deal several times a week? This would actually be more work that updating the currency on the back end of HubSpot (which I still feel should be the fix that is made - to auto update the currency like Xero and CRMs)


@LWilson3 it's a shame our app can't help you on this occasion. I agree it would be good if the central currency rates could be updated but unfortunately this isn't available via the HubSpot API. We will be closely monitoring this though and should this change, will develop Currency-R8 further, which may then be of use to you 🙂


Hey folks


We have just released a new currency converter app called Currency-R8 which is available in the HubSpot App Marketplace.


Currency-R8 provides real-time currency conversion so you can:

  • Instantly lookup the value of a deal in 150+ currencies
  • Auto-update deal and line items to new currency value
  • Automate currency conversion within HubSpot workflows

More info available on our website (

or via the App Marketplace (


Any questions please ask 🙂


Hope this helps solve some of your challenges.




This is 100% needed for BAU mopving forward. 


This is also something my company is looking for as we would otherwise have to export the data and convert it ourselves - manually typing exchange rates between multiple currencies is not a viable solution.


Reading this thread was a rollercoaster from realizing had developed a HubSpot app and then realizing it has been discontinued. 


As we have already had to convert currencies ourselves, we have found that there exist free APIs for converting currencies. 


@CGrünberg we have a free tier of Currency-R8 if you'd like to try it out? 


@Justin_Pacific , I appreciate the offer, but we are not looking to pay a monthly subscription for something we are able rather easily to do ourselves - and even using a free currency conversion API.


@CGrünberg - no worries, sorry I didn't realise you had already solved yourselves 🙂 

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Hi, I hope you are well 🙂


This would be very helpful for us as we have clients paying with Woocommerce in multiple currencies and rather than us having to check and update manually the currency on the deal if it could be done automatically 🙂 We need this from a time perspective and a reporting perspective (if it's automated there is no room for human error). 

Thanks 🙂 


Hey All,

I just built out a simple workflow in (formerly Integromat) that updates all my products for me automatically. This can also be done with any other no-code integration tool such as Zapier.

My setup uses a free currency conversion module in Make, but you could hook this into any conversion API of your choice.

Cost is going to vary from free to pretty small. If you have hundreds on products, or you need them updated daily then there's obviously a cost to that.

If anyone is interested in this solution I've written it up here: 
Automatically Update Currency Exchange Rates for Hubspot Products

Hope it helps.



Hey folks

We've recently added a new Scheduler feature to our Currency-R8 app, which now eliminates the need for manual data entry for exchange rates into HubSpot.
Here's a short video demo showing how Scheduler automatically updates exchange rates on HubSpot.

We're looking for early access participants to install the app and use the exchange rate scheduler, which will update rates on a daily basis. To say thank you for participating we'll give you an extended free trial and additional free credits - all we ask in return is that you let us know what you think.
If you'd like to request early access to Scheduler, please get in touch via our request form.
Hope this provides a solution for you all 😀

Hi Justin,


How are you able to update these currencies? As far as I know HubSpot does not have an API for this, do you require a user in the portal?




Hey @PFurtado,

You can update the currency on products using the Hubspot products API with your regular CRM api authentication credentials.

I've written up how to do this in the message above Justins.

Any questions, or you get stuck let me know.


Hey John,


That's not what Justin is showing, in his demo he's changing the exchange rate for the portal and not the products.





Sorry, my mistake then. 

There is an endpoint to fetch the account currencies from the portal.

I wonder if you can modify these, but it's just not documented 🤔