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Feature request: Auto update currency conversion rates

Our company's main currency is $AUD but we also do some business in New Zealand. I have added the NZ currency option, but was surprised that it asked me to manually configure the conversion rate.  It would be quite simple to link the conversion rate to automatically update the current exchange rate. 

Are Hubspot able to link the currency to auto-update like Xero does?
Could you add this to your list of requested features for the next update?

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Please reconsider this update urgently as Ultimate Currency Converter does not address the functionality of this thread.  I was massively surprised to discover the lack of simple exchange rate features in Hubspot.  The core feature needs to be:


- Automatically update the exchange rates between foreign currencies and the Company Currency on at least a daily basis.

- Ensure Closed Deals capture the exchange rate at the time the deal is set to Closed.

- Allow a manual override of the exchange rate on any deal.




To second SGates 's comment this feels like a critical feature that should be in HubSpot. It was in a previous CRM we just moved from as standard.


This should be a free plug-in, really. 


I have start working on python script build in to a k8s / docker container, but I'm missing the last endpoint. 

When we have a endpoint will I open up the code for free so you can update the exchange rate every hour/days or week.


I have made the "Alpha Version" availible on GitHub if someone want to help if they find the last endpoint.




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@SGates @LMartin82 @LWilson3 @JoeMayall Based on your feedback, the Ultimate Currency Converter app is now FREE for all users on the app marketplace. We are working on some enhancements based on your comments, which will be announced shortly. Thank you for helping us provide a useful service to the HubSpot Community.


UPDATE:  At the end of 2021, The Ultimate Currency Converter app was withdrawn from the HubSpot App Marketplace.  The app remains available on a private basis from as a paid service.


That currency converter does NOT solve the issue. I cannot use the "amount in company currency" property and all our revenue attribution reports will still pull from the hubspot account settings exchange rate. It seems this will only update on the deal, not on our whole hubspot instance.

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Seems like HubSpot wants customers to rely on an app for ~$8/mo for this functionality...

Can HubSpot at least make the conversion rates properties that can be updated via workflow?


I am another supporter of having such a feature within Husbot.....


I would love not have to pay another service to make the updates of exchange rates.

This must solved in hubspot please.


Has the Ulimtate Currency Converter been renamed/moved? I can't find it in the marketplace? 

Also @JoeMayall has there been any movement on this, we currently sell in 5 currencies so not having an auto update currency feature could be a deal breaker. 

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@MFerndale Regrettably, the Ultimate Currency Converter app has been discontinued due to lack of usage.  The app is still available privately as a paid service. DM me if you are interested in learning more.


Hey All,

In looking for a solution for this problem myself I looked into this Currency Conversion app, and came across this thread that said it has been discontinue.

The page Joe referenced above also doesn't exists so I guess it's certainly gone.

I just built out a simple workflow in Integromat that updates all my products for me automatically. This can also be done with any other no-code integration tool such as Zapier.

If anyone is interested in this solution I've written it up here: 
Automatically Update Currency Exchange Rates for Hubspot Products

Hope it helps.



HubSpot Product Team

Hey HubSpot Community,


Thank you for the feedback. The team would like to better understand the need to set exchange rate dynamically. If you're keen to chat with the team, please fill out this form. We'll reach out for a call.


Thank you for making HubSpot CRM a better tool.


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We absolutly need this. I can not be updating the currency every day

HubSpot Product Team

@SComeau , fill out this form if you're keen to chat with the team. We're looking to understand why customers need this functionality. 


We would be keen to automate this process. I have tried filling out the form but have no permission to view it @ybaptiste 


We are interested in this as a feature, but I also cannot access the form. @ybaptiste 


I 100% agree with this. It is a total chore having to update this manually periodically. We transact in over 20 currencies worldwide so this is a big problem for us. Also, having to manually adjust each product currency support is another issue. The product pricing reflects in cost. Our default is USD so the default currency setting you put in the exchange rate, but on the product side you put in the cost in the local currency as related to your default currency price. There must be a better way of doing this and avoiding all the manual input. 


Having the ability to change the currency rates in the account automatically with a provided service or with an API is fundamental to any business that needs reporting 


Please reconsider making this feature soon.

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Just checking in to see if any progress has been made here.


So I have a client with a product set consisting of 604 products in 4 different currencies.


Every month I have to export all product. Write a formula in Excel. Update every product cost in line with the companies new exchange rates.


I then import it back into HubSpot.


This process is open to possible human errors which could have serious impacts for my clients (sales reps quoting wrong prices for products, etc).


Is this something that HubSpot has not considered? 


In the settings>general>currencies area would it not make sense that those values when updated anutomacally update the product pricing?


Maybe I'm missing somehing here?