Feature request: Auto update currency conversion rates


Our company's main currency is $AUD but we also do some business in New Zealand. I have added the NZ currency option, but was surprised that it asked me to manually configure the conversion rate.  It would be quite simple to link the conversion rate to automatically update the current exchange rate. 

Are Hubspot able to link the currency to auto-update like Xero does?
Could you add this to your list of requested features for the next update?

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Great idea! We run internationally and require use of multiple currencies and having to continually manually update the exchange rate is getting a little crazy. If not a auto-update an API integration would also be helpful.

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Yup, I second this.


I was super surprised to find out that the multi currency auto rates are not there.

I charge deals in USD, NZD, and AUD. My pipedrive app (fraction of the price) and Xero accounting software do this using xe.com exchange rates. With all the API s available this would be great if deals can have the auto rates made available. It's not acceptable to manually update these constantly or to have to look up the rates. Thank you.


This is absolutely must, can't sit and update every other day.


This is a necessity as we work in Canada and the US. Cannot manage an accurate pipeline whatsoever rightn now which is a huge dedtriment to our business  


Considering the importance of currency conversions and exchange rates, it would be really great to have an auto update capability.


If not, at least have the ability to upload a spreadsheet with set rates for various currencies whenever desired and have that update the system. This would save a lot of manual work!

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That would be much of help! Our Enterprise customers all sell in at least 5+ currencies. It should not be the task of a sales or marketing person to update currencies in the product. 

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I too have this issue. Seems non sensible to add a new currency if you can't then use that rate to auto update all products.


Yes, this is something we would need as currency conversion rates are constantly changing.



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There is a work around. I add the currencies in HubSpot and then export all of the products and this creates a column for those currencies. I then write a formula in Excel which automatically populates all cells and then reimport it to HubSpot. Not sure why this can't be done within HubSpot but I'm sure they're on to it


This is definitely a feature I expected. Has any progress been made with this feature since the original post? I imagine this is a pain for anyone working with multiple currencies. 

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yes please! I would have expected this to be out of the box, a manual input becomes outdated almost instantly!

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@dennisedson Do you know if this feature is in the product development pipeline? I'm super surprised this isn't already available via the API. Thanks 😄


Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks!

I chatted with our Product team about this Idea, and wanted to provide some updates. We're currently having some light conversations about how automatic currency conversions might be implemented in HubSpot.


When it comes to currency exchange, there are a lot of factors in play (changing exchange rates, tax codes, etc.), so we want to be 100% sure we can deliver an A+ feature before deciding to (or to not) move forward with development.


All updates will be relayed through this thread, so stay tuned.




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Thanks Joe, 


Really appreciate this. I'm sure there are as you say many factors at play here. I export around 480 products from HubSpot with their GBP price and then in Excel have to multiply each GBP price by todays exchange rate in JPY, USD and EUR. Takes me about 15 mins in total but I can't for the life of me see why that can't be done in HubSpot by populating the curency fields. 

Look forward to hearing how this progresses.


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@HeathVE @adamlfoster There is now a currency conversion app available in the HubSpot App Marketplace.


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    • The Ultimate Currency Converter was developed as part of the HubSpot App Accelerator program run by HubSpot to solve for specific customer needs.

The HubSpot Solutions Partner behind this app, Bayard Bradford, are the creators of the popular Ultimate Data Export app for HubSpot.