Feature Request and Upvote integration


Customers who know the product could be involved more by adding a chance for them to browse existing feature requests, upvote them and comment them just like in this Ideas blog. Making it available as a community tool would be great, e.g. as a template for pages allowing to link feature requests with user contact and company contact.

Other idea would be to just add it as a whole new service hub feature or even an individual "feature hub".

The value should be obvious: You hubspot guys could add it as a paid feature, while clients could improve their customer involvement and help to narrow product and service development.

Samples would be this idea blog awa productboard, canny or any other tool looking for helping to map feature requests.

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+1 for this. 

Being able to track customer feature requests in HubSpot and look at them next to our HubSpot data would make prioritising what to build next much easier.