Feature Request: Workflow Templates


The ability to create workflow templates that allow us to quickly assign the information that changes per workflow


Use Case:

Say you have a workflow that sends an email then performs the same 3-5 things in sequence. This sequence gets added to every single time you send an email. Now we can currently clone workflows. But depending on the complexity of the workflow that can potentially lead to errors, if you don't change everything properly.

Now before the most recent update, I was allowed to save workflows with missing information. This allowed me to save a Templated email that cannot launch untill all the errors have been dealt with. 

I would essentially like the same process that I created on accident as a feature. 

The ability to have a workflow template that when instantiated will walk the user through the things that need to be filled out to for the workflow to operate as desired.


TLDR; I want to make workflow templates so easy a caveman can use it.

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I would love to see the HubSpot team put together a recipe page to provide examples on Service ticket-workflow combinations (in general, most popular, widely-used) as well as cross-department workflows that can be automated for beginners and advanced users.


Even with trial and error, working off of these examples provides a baseline to create unique workflows while learning which options are most useful to the individual and understand what they actually do so that we don't miss out on something that could be valuable.

HubSpot Employee

Hi @Calebb ,


Thank you for providing this feedback!  Providing templates for workflows is a relatively new feature (you can find our existing ones under the Templates tab in the workflow creation screen), and I think having a greater variety to choose from is a great idea.  


I am going to move this post to our Ideas Forum, where our product team & other customers can interact with it.  


Thank you @vrneuman ! I didn't notice until after I posted it. Here's another one as well that should go into new ideas but I posted it in tips and tricks without thinking.


I have been searching for templates as well, especially a Service workflow template.


Hello All, 

My name is Mike Jaramillo and I'm a Sr. Product Manager on the Automation (Workflows) team here at HubSpot! My team is currently exploring some ideas around templates for workflows and would love to chat more with some Workflows users on this topic. 

Please feel free to get in touch with me either via replying here or feel free to send me an email, if you'd be interested in chatting some more! 

Kind regards,

Mike Jaramillo


Hi, Mike.


I want to create workflow templates for blogs, collateral and other content. Do you have examples? Suggestions?