Feature Request: Expand search criterias on search bar

Hi Hubspot Community,


my team and I - we are looking for a way to expand the search criterias on the search bar, so that we can search for contacts with, for example, their contact IDs that are synced from Salesforce. It would be great, if you could make this feature happen!


Also I'd be glad to have other users' thoughts in consideration of this feature request!


Best regards,

Trung Ta



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Hey @trungta welcome to the Community! Can I ask if the custom view filter does not already acheive this goal / solve this problem for you?


HubSpot CRM can show you slices of your Contacts based on certain criteria so you can easily view only the data that matters to you for prospecting. You can use the sidebar on the left side of your screen to add a filter for any property on that object. Please note though, each filter is added constructively ("AND" not “OR”). You can find out more here: Creating custom views in the CRM for prospecting


Secondly, it also possible to add/change the displayed columns in your contacts view and search for contacts this way: How do I change the displayed columns in a view in HubSpot CRM?


Can I ask that review both of the above features, how they work / don't work for you, and why adding these search filters would be of extra benefit? Thanks - in addition to the number of votes you get, this will help our product team review. 

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Would be helpful to allow a search filter for the Job Title for contacts - that way we can bulk search for project needs.