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Feature Request: Coupon Codes

I would like to be able to create coupon codes. Then, I could create a single payment link - send that payment link to anyone, and they could receive a discount using a coupon code. To accomplish the same thing now, I either need to create a separate discounted payment link, or create and send a "quote" that they will use to pay. With a coupon code, I they could pay with a discount directly from the landing page/sales page. 

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I would also like this feature. I think this is the last thing standing in the way of using HubSpot for event registration instead of EventBrite. Everything else is there...

Landing Page for event registration

Payment link to pay for registration fee

 (BUT for customers or partners you want to offer free attendance--they need to enter a discount code)

List of form submissions + Product Purchase = RSVP list

Workflows for event reminders.  



Desperately need this for our event registration. Also auutomatically applied discounts for purchases that meet certain criteria!

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HubSpot custom coupon allocation system

Coupon allocation intro


Hi @lbowshier@VWeirauch, and @AAPorter 


I work for ESM Inbound (HubSpot partner profile here). We have created a custom coupon allocation system that works with Hubspot, which sounds ideal for your use cases. Below is a high-level overview of what the custom system does;


  • Import coupons from a CSV file or by adding them straight into the app
  • Create multiple campaigns and assign different coupons to each campaign
  • See the total number of coupons in a campaign including coupons allocated and remaining.
  • View the status of each coupon that has been imported i.e coupon, is Allocated, allocated To, allocated On, redeemed On and action to remove coupon.
  • Add coupon allocation to your HubSpot workflows
  • Create *Redeem Link* for a user 
  • Map coupon information to a HubSpot contact property or custom object
  • Track coupon allocations in Hubspot and report on them so you can highlight frequent coupon users

The system works with HubSpot Starter, Professional and Enterprise


If you would like to discuss your needs further and find out how our system can work for you, please feel free to drop me an email at, or you can book a quick call using my meeting booker



We also need the ability for the user to enter a coupon/discount code for a given payment link.

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Hi @morganmcgee these could definitely be used for that. Many people want to use these coupons at payment check out to confirm a discount. I would need to know more about which payment platform you are using, but I'm confident we can help you find a solution as we have with previous users. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more depth please drop me an email at 


 We would also like to be able to create coupon codes. I think it would make for a better user experience than having to use a quote as a workaround. Would love if HubSpot could be our all in one solution for event registration.

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Hi, @SStewart3 this is one of the main reasons why we created this product, so you can avoid having to use multiple platforms and keep track of everything in HubSpot. If would be great to discuss your requirements in more depth, please drop me an email at, and we can arrange a call.

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I was all set to go with our payments link and then the scope changed to offer coupon codes. Ughh. This is a normal payment system option and should have been included out of the box.


Agreed, @DavidSPW and not requiring us to pay for another product to patch into this


I think the solution was just updated. I can't get the Hubspot knowledge base article to load, but I took this screenshot. It looks like you can create multiple codes, then when you create your payment links, make sure you toggle the switch to allow you to let customers use discount codes. If customers have the code you created, they can apply it at checkout.

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 22.23.57.png


@coffeeshopjoe  thanks for posting! I was able to find the knowledge base article here.


Looks like discount codes might now be a native capability!


Thank you @morganmcgee and @coffeeshopjoe for letting us know this is available now. Such a great feature😍


@Jemma_L thsnks for creating discount codes but why did y'all restrict the codes to only 99%? You can't have a code of 100% for whatever reason but there's lots of scenarios like events and even just testing out the payments workflow or setting up payment automations that would benefit greatly from having the ability to have a 100% discount. Every ticketing platform out there has this feature but y'all don't. You also don't have a way to test out the full payment workflow without one. 

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Hi @AAPorter


I work with DASH Apps, where we build supercharged marketing tools to streamline your HubSpot experience. 


We’ve built the Coupons App, which simplifies the process of creating and managing coupons for your business. It integrates directly into your HubSpot account, so you can automatically distribute coupon codes to your customers through HubSpot workflows.


With the Coupons App, you can: 


  • Bulk upload and/or generate an unlimited number of unique coupon codes
  • Automatically sync coupon data with HubSpot
  • Trigger single-use coupon sends in your HubSpot workflows
  • Track your marketing campaigns with real-time insights


For your use case, you would be able to create an email workflow for your customers that contains a unique coupon code as well as the payment link to complete their checkout. 

We’re happy to set you up with a 7-day free trial if you email us at, and for more info, you can check out our listing on the HubSpot app marketplace. 🙂