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Feature Request: Bring Back Digest Screen and Marketing Email to Mobile App

HubSpot recently removed the "Digest" and "Marketing Email" features from the "More/Tools" tab on the mobile app. Our team used these features every day to view deal updates, personal revenues, sent emails, and more. HubSpot just said they "sunset this" and did not really give an explantion. Would be helpful if they brought it back or directed us to somewhere else on the app that served this purpose. This makes the mobile app less user friendly for us, especially since there is not a better replacement. They simply just deleted these tools. 

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I agree with Kanderson2. The information available in the digest allowed our sales team to view our progress collectively and individually. The web version available to see the same information in the dashboard is not as user friendly as the app information you "Sunset". This becomes more evident when you are an outside salesperson using HubSpot from a mobile device during a work day rather than using a desktop from the office.