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Faster way to add/remove line items

From the deal screen it should be possible to add/remove line items as easily as contacts or companies.


Currently the add/edit button takes you to the line item screen then you click on add products then choose custom or library from the menu...


As with contacts and companies:

1- an add line item button on the deal page should open a left hand panel allowing to pick a product from the library or create a new one.

2- An X or a trash icon next to the line item should allow quick removal.

3- a preview button should pop up a left hand panel to modify the line item's data.


Being allowed to associate line items from the deal creation left hand panel is nice but after that everything in line item mangement requires way to many screens and clicks.

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HubSpot Employee

My customer also would like to see an faster way to delete line items which do not have any associated deal. Currently it is possible by using the endpoint POST /crm-objects/v1/objects/line_items/batch-delete but this should also be available in the UI.