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We should be able to schedule and manage posts for Facebook groups. I love that HS does LinkedIn groups which are hugely effective for us but we need Facebook groups too.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Facebook doesn't allow us (or any 3rd party website) to access the list of a user’s groups, or post to private or closed groups. Are the groups that you're trying to post to on Facebook Private or Public? Our impression has been that there's little value in just exposing posting to public groups, but we'd love to hear from users if that is not the case!

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Odd! How come Buffer is able to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYKG5OiKrXY


There is some groups that are full of event planners that are just as active if not more active than LinkedIn groups

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You can do it on Hootsuite too as a matter of fact. A lot of marketers are using Facebook groups to run programming and things like that and to cultivate leads. For groups that I have moderator or admin status to, it would be nice if I could schedule messages to them like I can on Hootsuite.

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Just wanted to second this idea - should definitely be able to post at least to our own groups as well as our main FB page.



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It would make life easier I could schedule posts into a fb group. FB groups are a community and it would make it so much easier if you can schedule posts properly!

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Even if we can't post to Facebook Groups via Hubspot, is there a way we can connect to them to track engagement and keep an eye on those data metrics?

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I definitely agree! Not only would it be nice to schedule periodic updates to our product's usuer group on Facebook... it would be most fantastic to be able to track engagement for our customers who are members. We own the group through our company's page - which is already linked to HubSpot - but a lot of our staff aren't on Facebook and need to be able to see the engagement of their customers. It really would be awesome if this would link to their accounts in HubSpot!!

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This is exactly what is holding me back from upgrading HubSpot.....the ability to schedule to Private Facebook Group is absolutely essential. 

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Yes, need to be able to post on Facebook groups, Hootsuite offers this and I want to move over to Hubspot for this.