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Facebook CAPI Integration - Conversion events

Hi everyone, 


Today it's possibile to share with Facebook only the "page views" event via the HubSpot-Facebook CAPI integration.


We would like to send to Facebook, via CAPI and within HubSpot, also other events, such as:

  • Complete Registration (when a HubSpot form is completed);
  • Contact (when a person initiates contact with your business via telephone, SMS, email, chat, etc);
  • Lead (when a sign up is completed on a HubSpot form);
  • Schedule (when a person books an appointment via the HubSpot meeting tool);
  • Subscribe (when a contact applies to a start a paid subscription for a product or service)


In this way, you will be also be able to measure and optimize your ads for all these events.


Thank you for the support!