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Facebook CAPI Integration - Conversion events

Hi everyone, 


Today it's possibile to share with Facebook only the "page views" event via the HubSpot-Facebook CAPI integration.


We would like to send to Facebook, via CAPI and within HubSpot, also other events, such as:

  • Complete Registration (when a HubSpot form is completed);
  • Contact (when a person initiates contact with your business via telephone, SMS, email, chat, etc);
  • Lead (when a sign up is completed on a HubSpot form);
  • Schedule (when a person books an appointment via the HubSpot meeting tool);
  • Subscribe (when a contact applies to a start a paid subscription for a product or service)


In this way, you will be also be able to measure and optimize your ads for all these events.


Thank you for the support!

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How has this ONLY got 6 upvotes so far? It is crucial for a well performing Facebook campaign that doesn't use the Facebook Instant Forms.
I see that Hubspot has the elements in place to do this and are natively storing the Facebook Click Id.

Our company is wary of using tools like Zapier to manage this , so I may do it manually, but downloading the leads that have reached the various lifecycle stages along with the email, and Facebook Click Ids, and then upload them manually.


There are third-party connectors like that store click id and upload it with the HubSpot conversion automatically