FTP account listing - display name before ID #

I realize this is a breaking change that could affect those with build processes that push to HS.

Seeing as HS local Development is still in it's infancy I think it's worth the cost now to make the change than to wait.

Basic Jist when FTPing into HS accounts are listed `id-account-name`
For those of us with hundreds of accounts we have access to this list gets really difficult to visually look through to find the account we want, because we're humans we use names to find things we don't memorize account IDs.


swapping the name order to:

`account-name-id` makes it easier to find accounts and causes them to be sorted alphabetically in FTP clients.

As for a rollout strategy, I think announcing the change is coming with a date that it will occur is enough for developers to go "ok I'll change my path in my build process".

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