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FORMS addition - Importing Predefined Choices in Bulk

Importing Predefined Choices in Bulk

There are lots of multiple choice fields that you always see on forms—things like Gender, Age, Employment, Income, Education, Days of the Week, and U.S. States. Likewise, it's really common to ask people to evaluate how often they do something, how satisfied they are with an experience, or how important something is to them.

Even though these questions are super common, sometimes it's tricky to figure out the best way to word these field labels and answer choices. And for things like a dropdown of U.S. States, it would be time-consuming to add every choice one by one.

Wufoo provides lots of pre-written sets of answer choices (available in English only) that you can add to certain field types to save you time. You can also copy and paste your own predefined answer choices in bulk.servlet.jpg

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HubSpot Employee

It'd be a great addition to the CRM to have this predefined choices available, instead of having to manually add them (as this workaround advised here). Example:

Thanks Team! 🙂

HubSpot Employee

This is actually already possible!



When creating a radio or dropdown select property, hit Load Options to select common multiple choice options like state, country, marital status, etc.





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