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Extra refine filter conditions - Rolling date range


I have an email marketing campaign that gets sent out via a contact workflow, should enough time pass and the contact meets the criteria again in the future, they could re-enrol into the workflow and see the emails again.

What I want to do

For reporting/suppression purposes, I want to be able to create lists that look at the most recent email sends, not the first. To do this I want to look at the past X days email activity happened.

For example, contact was sent email

  • Marketing email activity: was sent Example email within the last 30 days
  • Marketing email activity: clicked Example CTA in Example email


Why I can't do it

While we do get options to refine filter conditions further into the list criteria, it's very limited and relies on static dates, not a rolling date range.



Proposed solution

I want to see further options in the refine filter condition options. Rolling date ranges would be a great start. There are many other cases where this kind of refined filter would be helpful, I'd like to see it as a usable filter in workflows and the report builder, not just list building.

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Agree, would be very useful. We use recurring emails a lot so want to be able to filter on those who have 'opened or clicked within past __ days period'.


Really need this! It's actually possible to use rolling date ranges filter on Form submissions - so why not on received Marketing Emails? I dont see a proper workaround for this at the moment 😞


Absolutely!!! I'm surprised the rolling range is not available as for other properties....