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Extending linkedin sales navigator features

I love the Linkedin sales navigator integration with HS. But any Linkedin sales navigator message really needs to copy into HS CRM activity. Linkedin now supports this for several CRMs. Hubspot needs to join the party!


Hope to get an update on this. 

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an important tool for businesses and sales team looking to expand their outreach beyond their current set of contacts and market. The ability to write back to the CRM is important because that allows HubSpot admins to track activity levels and sales rep productivity and engagement. 


Since only Salesforce and Microsoft CRM are options this is a disadvantage to HubSpot CRM users who want and need this functionality. 


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As a result of this we want to be able to easily track and report on Linkedin activity for our sales team - just like we do for all core sales activities.

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No brainer here. Feature parity with the SFDC + LISN integration is necessary.