Extend Social Media Reporting Historical Data

Recently, HubSpot made the shift to their new social media reports. In this transition, the ability to access your data beyond one year's time was removed. In the previous version of social reporting, you had the ability to view previous years’ data.


The ability to not only access this data, but analyze it in comparison to other time frames is crucial information for marketers. The benefit to HubSpot is having an all-in-one resource to access my tools and data, but now my historical social data is no longer available. 


HubSpot should make all of users social data accessible to them again. 

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It's tedious work for us if we want to access social data beyond one year's time. We need to go manually to the social published posts and retrieve data for clicks, shares, impressions and so on. It's lengthy and time-consuming. HubSpot should facilitate us to easily access all our social data.