Extend Page Editor / Template Editor to Include Knowledge Base Articles

Curently, we are very limited in terms of what we can create on a knowledge base article in terms of custom code. For example

  • Serial number lookup field custom script
  • Shipping status lookup custom script
  • HTML tables
  • Complex layouts
  • Download buttons
  • Forms

For pages / landing pages one is much less restricted. So I would love it if you can give us the edit tools you have for pages also for knowledge base articles. This would be a game changer in terms of flexibility of the KB. This would also give features like revision history to KB articles and planned publication dates.

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Please can you also add the ability to add code snippets to knowledge base articles? 

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Code snippets would be great, please get this implemented.

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Yes please. The custom configuration would be greatly appreciated.


It would also be nice if we could have callouts / tables so we can show warnings/info/notes that we want to isolate.

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I agree... This would be great! 

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@hubspot devs,


This feature is extremely important. As of now, the articles have very limited features and capabilities.

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

We are reviewing bringing custom code to the Knowledge Base and will provide more information on the feature as soon as it is available.