Expose the Last Touch / First Touch Source Campaign field labels instead of internal IDs in API

These new fields are really awesome and it would be great if we could be able to retrieve the campaign names instead of the internal IDs when pulling out contacts via the API. 


Even when trying to copy these fields using Hubspot Workflows you get the internal IDs instead of the campaign names. The main use case that triggered this request was for syncing HubSpot with Dynamics CRM and wanting to push over the campaign values to Dynamics for keeping campaign history in sync between the two systems. But I'm sure other solutions like Data / BI tools would find it valuable to also receive the proper labels for these fields. 

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Please let's do this. Been wanting to map these fields to Salesforce but it brings in the ID, rendering the mapping useless. 


It also makes total sense from a user interface standpoint. It's a real pain creating lists and filters with the IDs instead of the labels.