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I know there are already several other posts about exporting notes. I just want Hubspot to tell us:  are you developing this? Why isn't it possible?


Yes there are third-party applications, but it would be GREAT if we didn't need them.

I was dismayed to discover that notes are not exportable, much less images. As a result, "Notes" have become useless for me. I'm going to stop using them. I will have to create a bunch of other properties to hold what I used to put in Notes. 😕 

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The utility of "Notes" keeps shrinking. 


To date, I've been using it to post links and images.  On a computer, you can click through on the links, and see the images. 


On the Hubspot app, you cannot click through on the links. ! 


You can see the images ONLY if they are uploaded from your computer, not copy-pasted.  And then, only if I click on the .jpeg attachment.

My hope was to post information here which would enable my colleagues in the field to locate a potential client.  In other words, if all else fails,  here are instructions, location information, a photo of what the place looks like. 


I just realized they can't access anything through links and hardly through images.  You're limited in Notes to text only.  (and remember, the text is not exportable).


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Not being able to even click through on the link .... now that was surprising.