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Exporting multiple form submissions

Currently, I am able to download each form seperately into its own excel file. I understand that due to the disparancies in the fields captured between multiple forms, it is not convenient nor possible to export multiple submissions to one sheet. However, it would be great if I could select more than one form and export them at once into once excel file, with different sheets. 

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This is seconded ^^^

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This is thirded ^^^


Yes - I agree - the way our website is set up I need to have a separate form for everything - this means 10+ forms (same fields) - would be much quicker and easier if I could just bulk download them all at once.

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Building on this, it will be very helpful if we are able to export form submissions across different forms within a specific time period. 


For example, when we have to take a look at different trends of each form's traffic and submissions across a month or quarter, being able to directly download a report of form performances and submissions will be so helpful. 


Also linking to this idea here:


This would be an AMAZING feature to have.