Exporting list of Deals including information about Company, Contact and Product

I want to be able to export Deals (filtered or not) to a list format (.CSV, .XLSX, etc.) so that I can use more flexible and powerful visualization tools, such as Excel, to be used in presentations.


However today when you export a list it will only contain information about the deal, it gives no context as to where the customer is located geographically (country, address), the type and quantity of products is related to a Deal and so on. This makes the whole exporting Deals functionality rather useless to me, because it gives me very little strategic insight.


These are some of the properties that I would like to include in a Deals list export:



  • name
  • industry
  • type
  • country
  • city
  • last activity date
  • number of times contacted
  • total revenue


  • first name
  • last name
  • country
  • address
  • e-mail
  • contact priority
  • job title
  • last activity date
  • number of times contacted
  • number of sales activities
  • total revenue


  • product name/ID
  • quantity (for each product)
  • unit price (for each product)
  • total price
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Love the new Products feature you rolled out last month. However, the reporting is so limited that my team isn't able to take advantage of the feature.  Currently it's limited to one dashboard (Sales by Item report) which provides only aggregate-level data.


We need to be able to see product information/types in a regular list or contacts filter? For example, I want to pull a list of which clients have Product X in their associated deals.


Similarly, export functionality is needed  - Can you please add the capability to export a list of all deals and their associated products that comprise each deal? That way we can segment and pull lists to the individual level rather than an aggregate.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey @MorganneH! I'm going to refer you to https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Filter-by-Products-in-Lists/idi-p/70430 for the first part of your idea and make this one particularly about exporting.

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This is a good and needed idea! 

If an employee changes the Deal Stage to Closed Won we need to know the exact included product items (name and amount) to export this data via API to our ERP-System to trigger the shipping to the costumer. Right now it's ok to transfer it manually, but if we scale it leads into serious work. And whenever there are system breaks, the source of error increases again. So please make sure to develop this feature. 

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Hey @hroberts do you have an update on this? Thanks!

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We need this feature not only for reporting but also for sales proposals. Our products include various credit line items that make up the final sale and the quote form is not sophisticated or flexible enough for us to use as a proposal. We are using PandaDoc to pull in various Deal tokens from Hubspot and right now we cannot pull in product tokens. So we are having to use a workaround using google sheets. This lack of reporting and querying product line items makes your product feature useless to us. 

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I definatley need this also, very suprised that this is not a standard feature. The only work around I have found, is to create a report based on both deal and product properties, and then when in the report edit I cna copy and paste the table into excel...luckily we are a small compnay so not so many lines to copy, but the need for products to be exported is a must in my opinion..





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We're definitively interested in this too. Any idea if this suggestion is moving forward?


This type of "SQL Join" capability is very much needed to create useful exports and gather new insights into the data. 


Thank you!

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Please add this feature. I have many clients that need to pull out a sheet with deals and have some contact information rows

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I totally agree with this. 

It should be possible to export combined information from company contacts and deals. 

Please this is really necessary!!

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agree, seems like a basic feature. please make it happen asap!