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Exporting and editing "Time in stage" and "entered stage date" deal properties

Hello, I've been notified that it is not possible to export to excel or edit the "time in stage" or "entered stage date" deal properties. It would be really great to be able to do either or both of these things. so that I could have a sense of how longs things take across multiple stages. Please let me know what seems possible here. 

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@NTalerman  There is a paid app in the HubSpot App Marketplace that exports the data you want to Excel -- the Excel Integration for HubSpot.  Using this app, your HubSpot data can be set up to refresh in Excel on a regularly scheduled basis. The integration would enable you to automate your sales reporting and create the charts you need.  

Agree this would be super useful. Becomes a real pain.


We also need that information! We use the time between stages to compensate our collaborators. We just need the time between stages, or being able to export to Excel each Deal with a column for the date/time of each stage so we can calculate the time.

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Came across this too, it's odd that we can see these values in our reports but not export them If we try we're met with this message. It would be great if we're able to export the data and not just see if on HubSpot reports. 

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really need this feature as well. If possible to export the days spent in each deal stage for each deals and deal owners details accordingly.