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Exporting Snippets

My company is making some changes to our value proposition. Since we use that in just about all forms of communication, I need to go through each and every asset to update them. My sales team uses hundreds of snippets, many of which mention our value prop. Since exporting snippets isn't a current feature, I now have to manually go through hundreds of snippets to edit them individually. Yes, I could ask each sales team member to edit their own based on new messaging provided, but what is the reality that sales people will actually do this, or to be fair even have time for this? Frustrating.

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I would like to save somewhere my text bloc list or be able to restore it if it has been deleted by mistake



Great idea! It would be helpful to export for reviewing and updating, or to put into a helpful table for new hires. 


+1 on this idea




I would love to be able to export a list to share with the team for quick reference, too. The # list would help us so much if we could pull this & have a quick list to look for commonly used snippets!


I hope this can be a feature some time soon HubSpot. 


Hopefully this will roll out soon, as some companies have 100s if not 1000s of snippets. This and being able to report on if a snippet gets used or not would greatly help the reporting side of customer service. 


Thank you! I met with one of our Hubspot reps recently and she was actually surprised this is not already available. Waiting patiently for Hubspot for this helpful feature to be available!!


I'd love to do 3 things:

  1. View snippets usage; track usage
  2. Export a list of the snippets sorted by # shortcut assigned, in order that the team could view the available shortcuts and find those they want to learn & remember most.
  3. Lastly, for snippets & templates, I would love the ability for a user to VIEW the library of snippets and templates and USE them, but NOT have editing ability, to protect the integrity of work we've spent in editing. Sometimes someone thinks a change is helpful but changes something and includes a typo, or doesn't verify the accuracy, so it would be great if we could keep these usable by all team members, but only editable with access granted.

And yes, SWebb3, we have hundreds and are still adding, so this would be a great feature!


Having the ability to export the snippets to have as a reference for my customer service team would be very valuable.  We are new to HubSpot and there will be so many things the team will need to be doing new in their processes, having an easy way to reference the snippets created would be very valuable.


Ditto LPowers; I agree!!


I absolutely agree with everyone here regarding this feature. Why is this not available? Ashesintx and LPowers are correct in stating that the export of snippets makes it easier to prepare training documents for our teams to learn which snippets are appropriate for any contact experiences. 


Yes please! This would be super helpful. 


Bonjour à tous,


En effet nous aussi nous aurrions aimé pouvoir exporter en excel (ou autre) nos blocs de textes afin de les traiter au km mais également en faire un glossaire support de formation ! Traiter tous nos blocs de texte en copier / coller dans un excel est un peu peu fastidieux et entrer dans chaque bloc pour les vérifier ou les corriger prend un temps fou. A votre bon coeurs mesieurs les developeurs, ayez pitié de nous en créant la commande magique pour nous aider 😉


Mercii beaucoup.

Une fan !


Totally agree!


I totally agree that it would be great to have an option to export the list of snippets with their names and #. That would be especially helpful for people that are working in a team and where different users may add new snippets, as it would be an option to have a reference i.e. in some kind of spreadsheet to learn the new shortcuts easier. Actually, my team and I were extremely surprised that it's not available yet when we started using snippets regularly 😮


Also, having an additional option to export all snippets (i.e. CSV), edit them in an external tool, and then upload by bulk, would be nice, as that could speed up the updating process significantly.


Please add the shortcut to the datatable on the screen, and then to the list in the future


This is so necessary+ 


Exporting and uploading in bulk Snippets and Templates would be so handy.  I hope they devlop this feature ASAP.


How is this not yet a thing with requests back to 2020? Sort it out Hubspot. We pay for you to support our needs.


I agree, the ability better manage snippets is critical for keeping my team working with the most up-to-date language. We develop our language over time to meet the needs of our programs and best engage our customers. I would like to be able to review our existing language from time to time, tweak it, and ensure all snippets are in agreement. Even with just a handful of snippets, this is quite a tedious task without a management system. At minimum, the ability to import/export would help speed up this process.