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Exporting Multiple Tags to Multiple Blogs

Hi, I'm hoping to see if we have a function to export a set of tags to multiple blogs at once or at least export the set of tags in a blog instead of selecting each one individually.


For example, the blogs are for ice cream and we review flavors.

Instead of individually adding tags "sugar-free, chocolate, nuts", we hope to know if there's a function to simply have an export of these tags and then import it for the blog(s).

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Just what I'm looking for. We're recreating and combining our blogs in a new theme and I want to clean up the tags while we're at it. As best I can, I want to keep the tag set clean with an "approved" set and guidance to writers that should only select from existing tags, not create new ones. Plus, all our existing Tags Are Title Capped; I want them capped according to standard grammar rules (e.g., all lowercase except initialisms and proper nouns). I hope this happens.