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Exporting Knowledge Base articles

It will be nice if there's an option to export KB articles 🙂 As we do have the option to do so in website pages, landing pages and blogs.

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February 18, 2022 12:26 PM

Hi folks!


I am very excited to share it's now possible to export your Knowledge Base articles as a CSV file. For more information, please check out this help article:


If you run into any issues or have questions, please let us know!

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October 19, 2020 11:12 AM

Hi everyone,


Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback. 


We definitely will build export functionality for the knowledge base. However, I don't know when we'll have the resources to do this work. Right now, our teams are focused on finishing the multi-language knowledge base features, multi-language blog, and some other projects to improve content management throughout the content tools. So even though we do plan to build export functionality, I am going to mark this idea as "not currently planned" (emphasis on currently!) because we've not yet decided when the work will be done.


I'm sorry, I know this is disappointing. This is one of biggest needs for the knowledge base, and we will keep it top of mind as we plan for KB's future. 


- Snaedis 

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This is a must-have


Yes, please


I strongly agree. I'd need this feature to sync/export the customers knowledge base to an internal knowledge base for my team.


This would be incredibly useful to our organization. We would like to do a complete audit of our knowledge base, with various teams contributing to edits and updates. It would be easiest to do that in a shared google document, and then going back into hubspot to make the changes. As of now, we have to click into each article individually, copy and paste into a shared doc, then go back and edit...


Couldn't agree more with this! We want to be able to print our Knowledge Base articles for some of our customer base. Please, please strongly consider adding print functionality to the KB.


Need this, I moved from Zendesk to Hubspot KB and Zendesk can support this. 


It's been about a year since this idea was submitted.  Is there an update?

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This will help us to sell more Service Hub and offer KB as part of retainer 


Yes please. 🙂


Upvoting this idea


Upvoting this idea. It's a must.


Upvoting, please add this feature. As well as being able to export a list of the articles. 


Upvoted, this would be really useful !


Agree with this being a very valuable add!! 


Another upvote here. Document 360 allows this which means we can create a PDF manual which some of our customers really need due to high staff turnover. This would really make their personnel onboarding so much easier.


For anyone looking to export their knowledge base to a CSV file, another Service Hub account, or another help desk, you may try the Help Desk Migration service.


It's a third-party integration, and there's a one-time fee involved. But it can export knowledge base and other help desk data. I hope this was useful.


Overall, I think that being able to export an article as a PDF file would be pretty neat.


It would be a great idea! We need this!


Am told they are working on an export to .csv but unfortunately don't think will solve our issue.

I tried the Help Desk Migration mentioned by @a_savelieva yesterday seeing whether I could then convert the .csv to PDF, but the CSV export is a HTML export, when we need formatted text.

To clarify for Hubspot staff, we don't need clients to be able to export to PDF for their own purposes from their side, but we do need to be able to export to PDF from our side in order to make that available to clients.


Absolutely. It seems like a risk to create a KB in Hubspot and not being able to export if need be (e.g our own backups, easy access in places with limited/nonexistent internet access). A nice added option would be exporting by cathegory/group.


I agree with @MissTipsi that this is needed internally for our service team, not for clients reading our articles. If this was to be available for clients too, I hope it would have an option for us to disable it.. 😄


It also would be nice to export the list of articles, including the Insights data. Like marketing emails. Anybody found a workaround for that?