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Export text values of Original Source data and other fields that ONLY appears as ids when exported

It's really a pain when you export something from HS and by the time you see the exported file, you would only see userid's / Id's. Perfect example is the Original Source Data 2 on the company object. 

I tried creating a new field that copy the value and ensured that the new property I created is a single line text. However, it doesn't work. The exported file still showed userid's. If you wanted to build a pivot of the companies in an excel sheet, and group them by users, you would need to have one screen with your user page so you can manually look them up, and another screen for your excel. (imagine this painful stuff). 

The workaround of creating a new property is already unacceptable but I still tried. So how much more with manual steps to get the name of the users? 

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Agree- trying to get product ID information which appears as the text name in the report, but then exports as number IDs that mean nothing. I need to quickly review sales pipeline information and this is so frustrating.


The ID is meaningless and it will be great if we have the option to export the text value. The current workaround is to have a list of IDs and their corresponding text values and then replace them in the excel file. While that solves the issue, it will be great if this was automatic and does not require any manual effort here. 

Please look into implementing this.