Export report charts as JPG


Hello All,


I'm frequently reporting metrics on our marketing activities and for that I use the nicely drafted charts available in HubSpot. However, not everyone has access to HubSpot in my company but I share these data with them. I would like to have a new option in the Actions menu of a report to "Export to JPG" which would simply do a screen capture of the current report (with the same size and resolution every time) and ask me where I want to save it.


Would that be possible, please?

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Having same issue! inlcluding the charts (and only the data) would be very helpful. 


This is a great idea.  Many of our executives do not have access to HubSpot, but expect to see beautiful reports as those created within HubSpot.  It would be awesome if we could print these out with the details.   Please put this on your radar!  Thanks  Ginny