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Export quotes data to an excel spreadsheet

We generate quotes usisng HubSpot quoting tool, included in Professional version of the software. Unfortunatly this information cannot be accessed afterwards, we can only gereta e file with all the quotes ever sent in PDF format, that is not usefull at all.

We need a tool that exports this information (all the info) into CSV file or XLS file format.


We won't use quotes/invoices/payments until this functionality is available.


Hoping to see this soon... Would love to be able to export quote data in .CSV would be helpful in so many ways...

HubSpot Employee

Also agree on the benefit of this as well as being allowed to filter what is exported. Working in support I have had a number of use cases that would be resolved quickly here. Currently the closest workaround involves creating a report on quotes to export - but sometimes on page filtering and exporting to your own specifications is essential. 


It is possible to export all the quotes and line elemtes information using an application like Skyvia that even has the possibility of converting it to CSV (almost no code needed), however I think it would be very useful to have the option to export each quote in Excel/Spreadsheet format and not just PDF because it allow the possibility of making quick edits to the format and data or even including information that is not possible within the quotes teamplates.