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Export quotes data to an excel spreadsheet

We generate quotes usisng HubSpot quoting tool, included in Professional version of the software. Unfortunatly this information cannot be accessed afterwards, we can only gereta e file with all the quotes ever sent in PDF format, that is not usefull at all.

We need a tool that exports this information (all the info) into CSV file or XLS file format.

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Has there been any updates on this?


This is very crucial as most of project financing and accounting work requires working with applications like Excel or Quickbooks and both require these formats.


I'm in the same boat with Arshan.  CSV or excel format files are crucial for finance and accounting work.  Please make this feature available ASAP.  Thanks.

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Not too sure why PDF is the only format being offered here, since financing (quotes) often require Excel for calculation purposes. Can we offer CSV or XLSV file format for downloads too? Thanks.


Really looking forward to this development! Any update regarding the release date yet?


In the same boat too.


let me know when there is any update about this tool


Thought I would find an answer to this question. We need this feature to create graphical quotes and this is only possible from a spreadsheet.


I have found a solution but it requires coding.


Agreed! Trying to get this into our accounting software has come down to manual input. It's 2021. Please figure this out. A csv file format for both single and bulk quotes/invoices would be extremely helpful. 



How is it that we can't export the quote data to an excel file? It is a much-needed feature - Hubspot, please consider ASAP!


Between not being able to export to excel and the fact we STILL CAN'T QUOTE IN NON integers is insane. We pay so much money for this product, maybe instead in one of your non-meeting Fridays, someone can figure out how to do these two simple things. I have just about had it with this company and nickel and diming for every little thing. 


For any serious users who generate significant numbers of quotes, the "Download All Quotes" will be overwhelming.

Serious users would also need the data for their quotes rather than the pdf versions.


Being able to download a filtered list of quotes might be useful and would leverage on the existing filter functions already found throughout hubspot.





It would really be great if we could download this in .csv or .xlsx format - I currently have to copy the data out each week so we can review the quotes and it is taking a lot of time! As Elehr said above, it's 2021!!


Please consider adding a download button for this data (if the quote discount could be included that would be even better!!!)


Definitely need .csv or .xlsx format. It's a major blocker for our business. We need to able to extract the quote and send to perspective supplier for updated pricing of the item we quoted. 

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This is a much needed functionality. Please implement asap.


It would be very helpful to have a full export (csv. xlsx) of all the products that are in our quotes. 
Please work on it !


Definietely YES!!! I need to export product price discounts data from quotes/deals ASAP. Any idea how?


Yes we need this also as we want to link quotes to our sales order system, we can do this with other solutions that link via XML, JSON etc. Quote data need to be accesible via API or some other means to generate orders > invoices in other systmes such as Sage, Quickbooks, etc.