Export page views by day for a given time frame

I am looking for the ability to export a single report that includes the number of website page views achieved per day, over a given range of time such as year or month.


For example - I would like to choose my time frame ("This Year"), frequency ("Daily"), and the page I want to report on ("Homepage"). This export would return a spreadsheet containing 1 row for each day of the year with a corresponding number of homepage views for the day in a separate column (Column 1: 9/13/17 | Column 2: 200).


Currently, if I want to export these day-by-day numbers, I must export 1 report for every day of the year. To export an entire year's worth of data in this manner, I would need to manually export 365 separate reports total, which really isn't a feasible way to export this type of data. 

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I have no idea why this idea hasn't gained more traction. We can see the daily breakdown over time in the graphs on HubSpot, so it shouldn't be too difficult for us to export our daily data as well...