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Export individual Files or Folders

At the moment, when you export files and have them zipped up and emailed it will export everything. Depending on how much you have in File Manager this could take a very long time (yesterday morning's export arrived at 8am this morning).


I would suggest being able to export the folder and any subfolders you are currently viewing

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Nuevo colaborador

The ability to download specific files would make life so much easier. Right now, Google Drive is a much more reliable solution for storing files than HubSpot since you can download what you upload. Please consider implementing this.

Nuevo colaborador

Yes, being able to download a batch of files would be of tremendous value. The all or nothing approach is not very useful. 

Colaborador ocasional

 With that being said I really identified with your struggle! On top of that, some of the files that we are looking to download and expected to be in the downloaded folders are not there, which totally frustrates me

Nuevo colaborador

Being able to download all files submitted through a form (more than just 10 at a time) is also a capability that is desperately needed.