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Hi. I would like to have the ability to export submissions to one/multiple forms filtered by a date range. Currently, the system only allows form submissions for all time, but it would be nice to export submissions for a specific date range.


Thank you. 

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It would be great in the form analytics dashboard when we set the date frequency which breaks the number of submissions to their respective weeks, it would be great if the excel sheet exported broken down in the date frequency instead of giving the total number and an overall date range. 
e.g. Week of 16 May 21', 23 May 21', Week of 30 May 21' and so on. 

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I was just searching to see if this idea had already been submitted before I submit my own, and wow - from 2018!


Use case: I have a feedback form I download on a monthly basis, but it downloads ALL form submissions even if I have filtered the performance/submissions to the previous month in the HubSpot UI.


Please HubSpot, this should be a pretty simple thing that can be done since this works in other areas, like exporting marketing emails for a specific date range.


+ 1. Totally agree, need this!!! 


I agree- it makes no sense why HS has checkmarks for you to select which forms you want to download, but then it downloads all forms no matter what.