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Export email designs as a pdf or image

We often get asked if we can share examples of our marketing emails. It would be great to be able to export our email designs as an image or pdf that I can then share as an attachment, as opposed to forwarding multiple emails.

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This would be extremely useful! 


Hi there,


This idea has been opted multiple times. I found this old thread. While they didn't oppose the idea, there were no plans to implement it. They pointed out the feature of the shareable link to the web-version of the email, which is the best alternative for now.


EDIT: If you open the web-version of the email and then print the webpage you can print to PDF. This does reformat the email some, but if you scale it down to 75% width (done under "more settings") it looks quite similar. Worked for me.



This would make our lives so much easier! Have been wondering if this is possible for a really long time. 

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Hi team!

Regarding this idea, I believe it would be great if we have the option to bulk export Marketing email content into PDF  format too.

Thank you!


Yes, as well as the emails (or all emails in a workflow) being able to export the text. I often have to share content with translation vendors, so if the text was easily exportable into files I could share with them, we would save a lot of time.


This would help with reviewing and sharing concepts with clients/team members with little to no HubSpot knowledge. 


This would be super helpful for getting cross departmental feedback, too. I work in several matrix teams that have comments to share about specific email content and gathering that info in a PDF instead of Slack thread is really helpful, but putting the email into a PDF with the same flow as an email is challenging.


I second this. That would be extremely helpful for us too.