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Export duplicate contacts list to Excel (new "Manage Duplicates" feature)

It would be great if you could export the duplicate contacts list to a .CSV- or .XLSX-file from the new "Manage duplicates" feature in Hubspot. As of now, it is only possible to review the list in Hubspot itself.

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In addition to the ability to export as a spreadsheet, it would be helpful to be able to include all files as a HubSpot active list that can then be disseminated to our Sales Reps to sort out between themselves. 


Totally agreed. This would be a game changer. At the moment we can't do much with our duplicates because we can't export them.


Yeah It would be great! because too difficult to check them one by one


It woudl be exteremly helpful to be able to export the list of duplicates. As others have indicated the people that need to verify/fix duplicates don't have access to the tool.


This would be extremely helpful for us as well. Since we leverage Salesforce for our CRM, all of our records need to be merged in Salesforce or it creates a sync error. Having the ability to export this to excel would make sharing the information easier with my Salesforce team. 


Can HubSpot support get back to us regarding the duplication export feature that has been requested over the years.

Has this since been addressed? It is a necessary feature that should be available as it is in all other CRM systems.

Appreciate a speedy response on this, please


This issue was raised two years ago and has still had not response from Hubspot.

When will the devopers or someone from Hubspot reply?


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Would love this because you can't dedupe within Hubspot if you are connected to salesforce. I need to be able to export this data so we can dedupe in Hubspot and salesforce. 


Come on HubSpot, this should have been an option when you developed this. 


It is very very important... the way we have now to do it from the web is not so easy.... it would be easier to export the duplicate contact list , in order to work on liocal. It is not the same to have a few.. that a lot 

I understand, the reason I needed to export this is because the Integration that Dialpad has with HubSpot is horrible. I am not saying it's on the HubSpot side that is bad, it's Dialpad. Every time someone on my Operations team reaches out to a contact using Dialpad it is creating a new contact with incomplete information and it is also creating duplicate contacts within HubSpot which is cluttering my HubSpot with bad data. After tons of tech support calls with both parties we determined it's the Dialpad platform that is doing this and they can not turn this off, as in turn off create new contacts.
I was needing to send Dialpad a export excel spreadsheet with filters like contact create data, account owner and so on so that they could research on their end. I still believe the export option should be available for the duplicate contact page.
Thank You
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Yes, we need a way to mass review all duplicates. We have a lot in our system right now and being able to export all duplicate records and review in Excel then make the changes in HubSpot will save so much time.

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This would be very helpful for portal setup, too. I just made an import of nearly 4000 contacts. Our client thought, there were no duplicates - but there were more than 200. To check so many duplicates is easier in excel, where I can set filters for example. Check them inside HubSpot would take too long.


Definitely need this implemented into HubSpot to clear up our contact records. Please prioritize this feature.


Has this request received any updates recently? Is it under consideration?


It would be a huge help if this list could be exported. 


I'm replying to add my support to this request! HubSpot is our marketing tool but we don't use it as our CRM and without a way to export the list to address the possible dupes in our source-of-truth system, they'll just get recreated with the next sync. Just a simple excel or csv export would be huge!


this is desperately needed. 


I know this is a very common request. I would love this feature too. Any company that has HubSpot+Salesforce integrated desperately needs this feature, or else they need to look for third-party apps to help them manage this. That and just the fact that some companies want to manually evaluate and approve things before merges, or just generally export duplicates for reporting purposes or whatever. More customization of the identification of duplicates would be ideal too. 


Also wanted to mention that Insycle can do this for you. Full disclose — I work for them. But I know this is a problem a lot of companies face so I wanted to share.


Using Insycle in preview mode, you can identify duplicates in advanced ways to produce a CSV detailing all of the identified duplicates. Then, once satisfied with the identified duplicates, you can merge duplicates in bulk. You can use any HubSpot field as a potential matching field, or parse the data held in fields in unique ways (like ignoring numbers or whitespace, for example). Then, you can bulk merge hundreds of duplicates at one time.


You also have full control over the resulting merged master record, using rules for determining the master record as a whole, and even rules for retaining data on a field-by-field basis. With that, you can ensure you have the best possible data remaining post-merge and never lose anything of importance. We recently published an article about this, you can check it out here.


Then, you can schedule Insycle templates to be automated on a set schedule. Like you could, for example, set your duplicates to merge on Friday evenings when everyone has gone home and people aren't actively updating your CRM. 


Hope that is helpful for anyone looking for this solution!




It's an essential feature. I am surprised why HubSpot removed this feature. It's a need to export the list to review contacts in bulk.