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Export duplicate contacts list to Excel (new "Manage Duplicates" feature)

It would be great if you could export the duplicate contacts list to a .CSV- or .XLSX-file from the new "Manage duplicates" feature in Hubspot. As of now, it is only possible to review the list in Hubspot itself.

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It would be great to have a feature to export duplicates, since I always need to check back to Sales if data is correct or not.


While I would still love for this to be a native function - I did find something that helped me immensely in the meantime. In the App Marketplace, I found an app called Dedupely. It pulls your contacts over to their platform which has a much easier way of merging duplicates at scale. You can specify which fields you need to match exactly to merge a big group - you can set all sorts of filters for exact match, similar match, fuzzy match, etc. 


It saved me a ton of time so I wanted to share in case it helps anyone else. 


It is not a free app - but for my 30,000 contacts it is $25 a month - and there are no contracts - well worth it for me to clean up my list.


Agreed! Looking for a way to easily pull the duplicates into Excel for easier management since we still use Salesforce as our main CRM. The dupe-catcher feature there isn't the smartest ... 


This would be a game-changer! Our sales reps don't want to be looking through every single possible duplicate just to get to their own contacts. Being able to export and give our reps a specific list to review would speed things up quite a bit!

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer. If a bulk merge/delete feature isn't an option at this time, it'll greatly help customers to export the duplicates from the tool > Review offline in excel > come back to HubSpot to manually review/merge them more quickly


I'll second this idea as well.

The current potential duplicate finder is really helpful for seeing how many we have, but you have to process them one at a time, which isn't super viable when you have 2000 Contacts and 900 Companies to go through like we do.


This seems like a basic feature that HubSpot is missing for system administrators.  Is there any talk of this being added?  This thread is now 19 months old. 


How is this not already a feature? Of course we want to export lists of contacts! Please make this happen.

In my case, each contact has a primary relationship with someone in our company. I need to be able to send each person their list of potential duplicates, then have them figure out who's going to own the contact once combined.

Right I am busy copy/pasting/reviewing to add contact owner to a spreadsheet, by hand. This is going to be more than a 1,000 lines I should be able to export instead of create one by one.

So again, please make this happen.


Yes, this would help maximize efficiency for our company as a whole! There is no possible way that one person alone can go through our duplicates and indicate if they should be merged or not. I would love to be able to export this list and have all of the relevant info in that excel document to be able to forward it to our respective agents and let them tell me if I can merge contacts or not. 


Yes, I had to turn off the "new contact creates company" feature because we got too many duplicates; downloading the list would help me manage this and allow me to turn that feature back on. 


Yes, please. This way I can organize by contact owner and distribute to my sales team to fix their own duplicates!


I love this idea and also think it would be useful to have the ability to sort that list by the time the potential duplicate entered the database. 


Yes. The duplicate contacts tab is a nice UI view, but then managing them without being able to export and divide by rep is quite time-consuming.


+1 this would be great, also to keep a record of what merging changes happened


Agreed. I'd like to be able to segement them by contact owner, ship the dupes to them and let them decide on which is the Primary account for the merge. 


+1 on the need for a clean way to manage duplicates in a more efficient/bulk way. I like the previous suggestion of adding a property for duplicates that would enable custom reporting & filtering.


Over 2 years and no response on this request? We need the ability to export both duplicate companies and contacts to assist in processing outside of HubSpot. Not every one that helps can have access.


Yes, please do this!!


It would be increadibly helpful to have a T/F property "Possible Duplicate" so we could pull lists by this, contact owner, marketing contact status, date created and other properties to prioritize urgency to review. 


Agreed.  The ability *at least* to export the list of duplicates would be super helpful.  Personally, I'd like to be able to compare email engagement info on records (marketing emails opened, clicked, etc.) and action accordingly.


I'm upvoting this idea. I would like to export duplicates to manage them on the Salesforce side too, DupeCatcher doesn't work. It would be useful to search and sort.