Export duplicate contacts list to Excel (new "Manage Duplicates" feature)


It would be great if you could export the duplicate contacts list to a .CSV- or .XLSX-file from the new "Manage duplicates" feature in Hubspot. As of now, it is only possible to review the list in Hubspot itself.

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I am happy to see the deduplication tool that presents possible duplicates with ability to merge in Hubspot.  However, we have a number of sales reps that do not have admin access and therefore do not have access to see and make determinations about the duplicates.  It would be most helpful to have the ability to export the listing and to include the sales rep associated with each of the two records. 


I need to export the list of duplicates so that another team in my organization without HubSpot access can review the duplicates and select which record is correct. 


This would make our lives easier as well. Currently, we have a substantial amount of possible duplicates. I need to see them in Excel format to better manage and share with other team members. It would be great if we could export the list and then reimport into HubSpot with the correct email address to maintain and merge the duplicate record. Right now you have to go through them individually. That's a major task when you are looking at a substantial amount of possible duplicates.

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This is a great idea!
It would be very useful to have a back up of the contacts we merge!


Yes!!! This is a must needed function to manage duplicates. We have many to work through and most are looking to be sticky fingers issues where an extra letter was added to the Contact Name or email address. It's definitely tedious working through it line by line to check which email address is valid. 

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An export capabilitiy is much needed in order to manage duplicates. We have sales reps who own each contact in set of duplicates but they don't use HubSpot, so I need to be able to export for them to review and decide on the correct contact. 




Ye, it is a requirement for us as w use Hubpost for the marketing department and such information must be updated by our sales team and they do not have access to Hubspot. Exporting the list to xls will make the filtering easier instead of creating a custom field in contact and adding manually contact to a list to be exported. It is a lenghty process.

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The ability to create a list from duplicates will allow us to easily identify any email on the list that has bounced.  With that, we can purge the bounced emails. 


It would be even better to export in an email where they could click the contact to save/delete, that way you wouldn't need to figure it out when you get it back from them on a spreadsheet. 


Does Hubspot send this de-duplication report to the administrators?  I assumed so, because all of a sudden my boss has started emailing these to me.  Yeah, like I have the time to figure out what's going by looking at each individual  contact is efficient.  I'm just going to extract all of my contractsand sort them to see if I can get a better idea of what's happening with each contact on that list.  Then, I'll determine my course of action and go from there.


What makes this more complicated, is that I'm not the admin so will have continually go back to the list and try to remember where I left off.  Give the user more flexibility with this list.  It's quite valuable, but the the user is a bit hamstrung


It would be even more helpful than an available export is to have this as an inherit HS property type so that it could be pulled into the dashboard or used in the API.


Ex. Status Code on each record "Duplicate" until resolved. 


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I'd be very interested in a function like this. Marketo has an easily accessible export of duplicates list inside of their system. This is not sustainable if there are more than just a handful. It would be best to manage these externally to identify survivor/donor records through a tool that works with your CRM (SFDC) system. 


this would be so helpful! I had the same idea! 

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We work with a technology partner that uses the Hubspot ID number for syncing data. Without being able to export, we have no way of letting them know which record to keep for the merge. 


I don't have an integration with Salesfoce. Without being able to export my Salesforce partner and I can't even discuss duplicates to work towards a clean solution.


Yes, I very much support this request. I'm having to type them all into an Excel spreadsheet so I can go correct the source from which I import. Could be so much faster if there were an export option!


I like the idea of marking duplicate contacts right on the record, so you can determine if perhaps you're not on the most recent, there's some important info you weren't aware of ...


Agree!! We need an easy way to identify and export duplicates. Or, if there was a specific permission (other than admin access) that we could grant to our sales team so they could see and manage the duplicates, this would solve the problem as well. 


Yes, this is very useful feature when you many duplicates to manage. Also I agree with a suggestion given above that you also should be able to identify potential duplicates when you are viewing a contact. This is something that we have on SFDC and it's very useful as well.


We have a ton of duplicates because we upload sales data daily and my sales people are still getting used to collecting email addresses in our POS. It would be extremely helpful to be able to export the duplicates list and then somehow mark up the excel file to show which ones should be merged and which should stay as they are. 

I compare name, phone number and store location (custom property) - so to be able to use excel's filters and conditional formatting to find duplicates would save me so much time.