Export data from the Ads Module



Currently, in the ads module, you can see campaign performance which includes data like Contacts, Customers, SQL's and MQL's.


I would like to be able to export this data as the export from Google Adwords directly does not show contacts, customers ect.

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Exporting needs to be added to Ads! Other Analytics tools like Traffic, Website, and the new Email reports let you export data. This shoud definitely be a feature for the ads report as well. The Ads plugin is a huge strength of HubSpot, but the reporting is severly limited. Please add this HubSpot!

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We also need Exporting of Ads reports.

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Indeed, we need to have that option. Also, it should be possible to see all of the ads together in one view.

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Interested in this !

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We're interested too!

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that would be a great feature! If  we could export the perfoemcase or create a reporting dashboard and share it with the team members to whom this is relevant. 

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This is a definite must have!
Makes life much much easier for marketers 

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Definitely a good idea. Perfect to confront the performance of different ads and their impact on the quest of new contacts for example.

Status updated to: In Planning
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Yes, we need this as well!!!!!

Status updated to: Delivered
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Thank you all for your suggestions! I am happy to announce exporting ads data on the Campaign and Ad Set level is now live to all Marketing Hub customers. Being able to export on the ad/keyword level is still in planning. 

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Thanks Katie et the Hubspot team for following suggestions in your process of evolution. Have a nice day. Take care.