Export dashboard report data to CSV, XLS or XLSX format

Hi HubSpot team,


When I tried to export data from Session Country report in Web Analytics Dashboard, I realized that data can be exported:

  • just in PDF, PPTX or ZIP format
  • just on dashboard level (it is not possible to export just one report)

I would like to be able to export data from any dashboard report (such as Session Country report) to CSV, XLS or XLSX for further analysis and visualisation in tools such as Excel, Power BI and Tableau.


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Export dashboard report data to CSV, XLS or XLSX formatHubSpot Product Team
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This would be EXTREMELY helpful because then we could schedule recurring emails with the dashboard information in a .csv file. 

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Would also like this feature, as tools like Excel can be used to analyse data further.

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Yes please: we have scheduled reporting on weekly and monthly bases, and need the detail that CSV files can provide. 

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Yes count me in on that!

It would be extremely useful.

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If we could use Excel to data query HubSpot, so that we can manipulate the data as needed, that would be wonderful. I've done this for years with Salesforce. Missing the insights in HubSpot.



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Native connector for Microsoft Power BI or Power Query would be huge.


But I guess it would require warehouse with SQL database and that's whole another game.

johnelmer Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Gorand and anyone else interested in Power BI, Our HubSpot to Power BI connector service is now live in the HubSpot integrations directory: https://www.hubspot.com/integrations/powerbi Yes, it includes a data warehouse (Azure) with a SQL database that is optimized for HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM. We have multiple options for automatic updating of your HubSpot data. We are a HubSpot Agency Partner and built this connector to serve HubSpot users who want Salesforce-quality reporting for their CRM data. We provide a template for CRM reporting and are interested in hearing suggestions for a Marketing report template.

Thanks, John Elmer
Bayard Bradford www.bayardbradford.com

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Hi @johnelmer,


That sounds interesting. Could you please share some pricing details?




johnelmer Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Please submit a contact form -- it's on the bottom of our landing page that has a working demo of Power BI with HubSpot data:  https://www.bayardbradford.com/hubspot-power-bi-integration-sign-up/


We will get back to you with pricing options. You will find it to be much more affordable that other connector services.





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Thanks @johnelmer!